Fashion sketching

Diploma program

Duration: 4 terms (33 hours per term) (Total 132 hours)

Fashion illustration teaches techniques that will make anyone with or without experience able to sketch, plan wardrobes, lines of garments, all types of collections of garments, illustrate fashion ideas for yourself, customers, fashion buyers & stylists, marketing, visual merchandising. It teaches technical flats for pattern making and garment production. It promotes the development of individual style in illustration for each one to become unique and inspired by giving techniques to stimulate your own creativity and how you want to be perceived as a fashion artist in this wonderful world of Fashion.

Session 1

  1. Faces , poses, fashion illustration proportions
  2. Movement
  3. Hair style
  4. Development of illustration style
  5. Hands and feet
  6. Introduction to watercolour


Sketch pad 14 x 17’’, 20’’ clear ruler, micron pens 0.1;0.3;0.5; pencils , pen eraser, roll of tracing paper. Suggested books: Fashion Illustration by Anna Kipper; Fashion Sketching by Richard Robinson

Session 2

  1. Elements of style.
  2. Color theory and its application.
  3. Steps to follow to properly plan a collection
  4. Methods and process for designing collections.
  5. Designing different collections according to occasions, type of clientele, season : Inspiration, forecasting fashion trends, developing a cohesive vision as to color, theme, details, garment pieces.
  6. Techniques to develop your own style, your uniqueness.


Sketching supplies from Session 1, Nobel watercolor, Watercolor pad, paint palette, graphite paper. Teacher might ask to get supplies for certain projects.

Session 3

  1. Body types , theory on wardrobe that will enhance lines and attributes.
  2. Color Analysis and its application.
  3. Fabric rendering and reproduction – all types of fabrics.
  4. How to develop a story while illustrating a collection
  5. Technique and procedure to sketch precise and effective technical flats.
  6. How to turn your ideas into gorgeous bridal gowns – Bridal collections.


Same supplies as in session 2.

Session 4

  1. Particularity about sketching men’s collections. Setting new trends and how to present them.
  2. Children’s collection.
  3. Fur and leather collections. Fur and leather rendering in designs
  4. Accessories collections: purses, handbags, belts, hats, jewelry, shoes etc.
  5. Sketching textiles prints. Designing textiles.


Same supplies as in session 2

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