About Us

About us

Our objective at the Academy is to teach the highest standards in all courses and programs so that our students are best prepared in all aspects of the fashion field.

Being very active in his own career as a Fashion Designer & Couturier, RICHARD ROBINSON transmits to his students the latest and forthcoming trends and techniques that make Fashion such a wonderful world.

We owe our success to our belief in quality and how it can be achieved at all levels.

We hope that you will soon join us to develop a very interesting hobby or to mark the beginning of a wonderful new career!


RICHARD ROBINSON Academy of Fashion Design is situated in downtown Ottawa on Sussex Drive surrounded by the National Arts Gallery, the Museum of Civilization, the Notre-Dame Basilica, and the market area with all its restaurants and specialized boutiques.

The Academy is directed by the famous Canadian Fashion Designer, RICHARD ROBINSON. The Academy takes 80 to 100 full time students per year as well as 450 part time students. Known for holding a European flavor, the Academy is recognized for teaching the highest standards, preparing students for all careers in the Fashion Industry.


  1. RICHARD ROBINSON Academy of Fashion Design is a unique Fashion School where the director is a reknowned and International Fashion Designer and Couturier.
  2. Programs are offered in both English and French and the school welcomes students from all parts of Canada and the World.
  3. RICHARD ROBINSON Academy of Fashion Design believes in quality, providing the highest standing in all its programs and courses.


Free Information Sessions are offered every two weeks at the Academy. Please call to confirm a date and time to join the group.